I was wondering if you could do a look-a-like of Brittany in a school uniform. Not, like sexy ones just normal ones. Please and thank you

I think I can do that. I’ll be working on lookalikes soon

May I request a look alike of Emma Pillsbury and Carl Howell together please? Thanks! :)

You sure can. No problem at all



as requested by anon, here’s a guide on 1x1 roleplaying! 

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In celebration of reaching 5,555 followers on this main blog, I decided to make a texture pack to show my love and gratitude for you all! Inside are several textures, including some Harry Potter related word art and designs, some of which you can see in my recent graphics!

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of my followers for your love and support over the last few years and this is just a little something to give back to you all and I hope you like it!

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  • art/photos collected by me (none of the orignal photos are mine) 
  • edited a few, left the others how they were
  • thought they were pretty so might as well share
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[ D O W N L O A D ]


Here are #20 look a likes of Painter!Santana requested by anonymous. None of these photos belong to us, but we did find them all ourselves. Please like/reblog if these have any use to you. Thank you!


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Under the cut, there are #74 gifs of HEATHER MORRIS playing the role of BRITTANY PIERCE in the hit Fox television show GLEE S02E09 ‘Special Education’.

This gif pack is part of our new Brittany Pierce in Season 2 collection

All of these gifs are sized 180x180px, usable on Tumblr and were made by me, so please don’t claim as your own or use in gif sets. Feel free to use, reblog if you wish and please like if you found it useful. Please note that gif quality is determined my video quality.

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I don’t know how I’m proud of this theme more than I’m proud of my previous one, but so be it! This is my tenth theme called “True Love” based on Disney’s Frozen. 


I kind of sold my soul to Satan for this theme, so if you don’t follow the rules. I will get him to drag your ass to hell. :-)

  • Pretty please with cherry on top do not steal, or redistribute as your own work. 
  • Or use as a base code to your own theme you release. 
  • Do not take the credit off any part of the theme. As well as put it on another page. Just keep it where it is, please.
  • You may however, edit this theme to your liking.


  • The sidebar bg is the background on all sidebars and posts. You have the option of adding an image here, or just having a colour alone.
  • This theme features a two hovering sidebars. Which requires four images. 
  • The dimensions for all images are 274 x 217.
  • There are seven links of which five of them are customizable. 

click here to get a live preview of true love, click here to get the code.

lordtomdemort’s #6 texture pack

50 textures (open books, lots of flowers, postcards and maps) 

like/reblog if you use, please! 

.rar (dA) | .zip (mf)

if you have problems with the download, contact me


Okay. That's fine! Could you possibly direct me to someone who could make the Puck gif hunts?

I know that Quickhelps has a lot of Puck resources and put together gif hunts, but may not make gifs on command. It’s a big task to ask of someone because it literally takes hours and hours. Like with me, i choose to do these. They weren’t a request


Though if anyone is willing to make the gifs, please like this post

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