Hey could i request a photo hunt of Sebastian smythe & Jesse st James please ?

Sure thing. I’ll find the boys for ya

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could you do a pregnant Sugar Motta/Sugar Motta with a baby look a like? Thank you in advance!

Sounds good to me, I’ll get on it soon

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Yo this is just Britt coming at’cha with a little shoutout. Because I now we’ve gotten a fair few messages asking if we’ve been interested in making this sweet lady lesbi-pair into a threeway… I was just wondering if there was any internet lurker or blogger out there interested in getting involved in another help blog rph page and doin’ what we do.

Stevi aka Dianna is looking for a Naya to complete the other half of her rivergronrph.. If you’re pretty swanky at faceclaim advice, photo hunts, graphics (preferably gifs), ect. and are familiar with both Glee and the roleplay scene, then hit her up and become BFFs. She needs YOU

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Do you think you could find some Marley look alikes with wings? Not like tattoos but like with wings.


Shiix it a magical unicorn so I’m sure she’ll find something 

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Could you do a a Wildebrams gif hunt?


I think I can dig up some gifs of Wheels for ya, no problem.

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Can I ask for a look a like hunt of Jake Puckerman with animals? Random, I know, but needed.


Of course

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Would you be willing to do a Kuinn photo hunt? Please and thank you! xoxo

No problem at all! I’m out all today but I’ll get to it tomorrow

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I'd like to recommed Influence by Saphho's Ghost. Except I don't know if I should because this fanfiction made me cry a lot and broke my heart into a million tiny little pieces. But that was just how amazing it was.


I feel like generally everything Brittana related makes me want to cry. I’ll make sure it gets on the list.

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Under the cut are photos that could maybe pass as being NSFW UNHOLY TRINITY (Brittany Pierce, Quinn Fabray & Santana Lopez) from Glee. None of these are ours so credit goes to the photographers! Reblog if you wish and please like if you found it useful. Warning, there is NSFW content under the cut.

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Anything by thefooliam www fanfiction net/u/2734852/thefooliam


Thank you love! We’ll add it to our list

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